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By visiting our restaurant, you enter a multidimensional world of flavors and aromas of Polish cuisine. Thanks to the use of modern culinary trends you will discover anew the amazing flavours of the dishes you know. The combination of Old Polish and European cuisine gives a unique taste that will move even the most demanding tasters. The atmospheric and cosy interior of the restaurant will provide guests with nice and unforgettable moments. It is therefore an ideal place for a family dinner, romantic supper or an intimate family or corporate event.

Restaurant SÅ‚owianin has been thoroughly renovated to surprise guests with both the uniqueness of decor and dishes based on traditional recipes. The smell, taste and appearance of the food is the key to success in organizing family events and corporate meetings.
Also when organizing larger meetings we take care of the smallest details We also help in making decisions, so that the party was a pleasure for everyone - guests and hosts


Polish cuisine has been influenced over the centuries by the various national groups living in our country. In Polish cuisine we can see elements of German, Ruthenian, Tatar or Italian cuisine. Polish cuisine was mainly characterized by ingredients of regional origin, and since Poland is a typically agricultural country with large forests, the cuisine was popular game, mushrooms and forest fruits, as well as vegetables and grains. The latter found their way into many of the popular flour dishes that were once the staple diet of the Polish people.

Polish cuisine is characterized by a wide use of various types of pickles and soups. Pickled cucumbers or cabbage are an integral part of many dishes. Soups can be either pure or thickened - with the addition of pasta, rice or potatoes. Popular in Polish cuisine were and still are various herbs, including those typically used for game, such as juniper, but also nutmeg and pepper. Vegetables such as cabbage, peas, beans, turnips, carrots, beets and cucumbers have become a permanent part of the menu.

Old Polish cuisine is famous for its taste and good serving. The oldest dishes, as it results from the descriptions of feasts and diaries from selected historical periods, are dishes associated with tradition and passed down from generation to generation. generation to generation. Many of these dishes have survived to this day in various regions of the country. Traditional Polish cuisine is very aromatic. A lot of herbs and spices had to be added to hard to digest dishes, especially to make them a bit more digestible. That is why mainly juniper, dill, aniseed, caraway, nutmeg were used.

The dishes selected by the Chef will enchant even the most sophisticated gourmets and connoisseurs. The menu, which changes every month, is based on seasonal products of the highest quality. Slavic cuisine is a very rich palette of diverse dishes. It includes recipes for various types of meat - poultry, pork, duck and game. Meat must of course be of the highest quality, because then it tastes best. It is also worth mentioning that Slavic cuisine is full of aromatic herbs and spices, which makes the dishes more distinct and tasty. Every day we receive fresh fruit and vegetables and high quality meat from which we make delicious dishes according to old Polish recipes. If you are interested check our menu.

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